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Fast and effective against a wide range of microbes and biofilms, in various water circulation conditions

Amoéba's biocide has been extensively validated . First, it was tested in laboratory conditions and on biofilms using culture methods and molecular biology approaches.  Then, it went through 8 years of cumulated field applications in cooling towers (TP11). The main conclusions on its performance are presented here.

Rapid biocidal effect

In only a few hours, BIOMEBA kills microorganisms such as bacteria and amoebas, even encysted forms. It is highly effective against pathogenic bacteria included in a biofilm.

Broad-spectrum activity

BIOMEBA is high efficient against planktonic and sessile bacteria ( legionella*, pseudomonas*, listeria*, Aeromonas hydrophila, klebsiella pneumoniae, E-coli, staphylococcus aureus, etc.) and onamoebas ( Acanthamoeba*, Hartmannella* and Naegleria Fowleri*), providing the highest safety levels for industrial installations.

Effective at low concentrations

No need to use a massive dose. 1 liter @ 3% treats 10 m3 of water; 1 liter @ 30% treats 100 m3.

Effectively eliminates biofilms

BIOMEBA naturally “grazes” on the biofilm. This was confirmed during the validation process using a highly realistic biofilm. Reduction of the biofilm by two orders of magnitude (100-fold) was also confirmed during field tests, showing that the “grazing” property is conserved in your water circuits (Total Viable Count and legionella count).

Effective over a wide range of pHs and temperatures

BIOMEBA was shown to be effective at pHs ranging from 5 to 10.
Its efficiency was also validated at temperatures from 12°C to 52°C (EN 13623 regulation and other regulations).

No environmental concerns (biodegradable and non-persistent in the environment)

BIOMEBA is 100% biodegradable. Since it consumes microorganisms, it does not produce any residues, and it disappears naturally 4 days after the last injection. As there is no need for deactivation, you can already meet the regulations relating to waste-water management that will soon be applied! More generally, your installation will conform with sustainable development rules.

Compatible with chemical or organic compounds commonly found in water circuits

BIOMEBA is compatible with commercial anti-scaling agents, anti-corrosion agents and anti-algae products, both at normally used concentrations, and at massive doses.

Amoéba’s product has also been proven to be tolerant to other contaminants, such as oil.

Infrequent dosing

BIOMEBA persists in the system for a few days. Because it sticks to the biofilm, Amoéba's biocide ensures continued action between two injections, and blow down does not completely eliminate it from the system.